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Working together for excellent healthcare in North Norfolk and rural Broadland


Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)

NHS North Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (NNCCG) in common with much of the NHS faces a major financial challenge in 2018/19.

Unless the CCG takes action now it could face a shortfall of £9m in its finances, over the next year.  The CCG's Financial Plan is reliant on QIPP to deliver a programme of work that protects local health services whilst transforming the way services are commissioned, developed and delivered.

Neighbouring CCGs, some of our local NHS providers and Norfolk County Council need to deliver significant financial efficiencies over the course of 2018/19 and beyond. This will result in all areas of the economy needing to work together to ensure that we deliver financial balance together.  The CCG has developed the QIPP Programme with clinical transformation embedded at the heart of its thinking.  We believe that we can use the financial landscape that we currently all find ourselves in as an enabler to make changes to the way that we commission and deliver our services.



QIPP Visions and Principles

  • Make services as local as possible
  • Deliver clinical transformation and remodelling
  • Protect local services
  • Protect the wider economy
  • Provide services based around GP Hubs
  • Work in partnership with patients and the wider health system

We believe that we have a local health economy that can rise to this challenge and deliver services in a joined up way.  The CCG has been working on a number of projects using QIPP as the springboard to deliver transformational change.



NNCCG's Top QIPP Project Priorities

Looking after people closer to home
  • Better use of beds
  • Provide services in the community that are wrapped around GP services
  • Provide services for people in crisis to try and provide help at home and avoid hospital admission
  • Care for palliative care patients in the community and avoid admissions to the acute hospital
Ensuring best value use of prescribing / medicines
  • Reduce medicines waste
  • Prescribe generic brands (same drug alternatives but often at a cheaper cost to the NHS than the branded equivalent)
Continuing Healthcare Review
  • Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a package of ongoing care that is arranged and funded by the NHS, where the person has been found to have a "primary health need" as set out in National Guidance
  • The CHC Project seeks to provide a reduction of financial cost of CHC packages of care through improved process and assurance that NNCCG is gaining value for money on placements in terms of patient safety and quality.

We are fortunate in North Norfolk in that we have a very good working relationship with our Member Practices and local clinicians.  We recognise that we need to listen to our members and shape service reconfiguration accordingly, otherwise as we have seen nationally, it just does not work.

We believe in our programme and we believe it is the right way to develop and transform our local health economy.  There are certainly some difficult times ahead and challenging circumstances but we are confident that with buy-in, commitment and shared influence in our vision we can deliver the challenge ahead.


Community Engagement Panel

We want to address these challenges in partnership with local patients and to help us do this we have set up a Community Engagement Panel (CEP).  The CEP was formed in February 2015 and is made up of local patient, advocate and stakeholder representatives.

The CEP acts as a reference group with the following functions;

  • To ensure that the consultation and engagement undertaken by NNCCG is suitable, proportionate and inclusive
  • To provide ideas and feedback into the financial recovery plan and QIPP programme
  • To actively involve the groups that members represent in any agreement or consultation activity

The panel meets on a bi-monthly basis; if you would be interested in getting involved please contact nnccg.contactus [at] nhs.net