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Working together for excellent healthcare in North Norfolk and rural Broadland


Proposal to merge the 5 CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED - Read the engagement outcomes and updates below.

The five Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney are considering coming together into one merged CCG. We have considered this very carefully and believe there are very clear advantages to our patient population, member practices, partners, and to our staff.  It is proposed to apply for merger this autumn, with the intention of becoming NHS Norfolk and Waveney CCG by April of next year.  If this proceeds, the CCGs’ Governing Bodies say it is vital to safeguard our strengths, with locally-focussed commissioning of health services and strong leadership and guidance from doctors and nurses.

You can read the full engagement document here.

What do you think?

Please have your say:  https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/NorfolkandWaveneyCCGProposal/

The survey is open until September 6th 2019


Update - October 16, 2019

Our proposal to merge our CCG with the four other CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney has been approved in principle by NHS England and Improvement We are therefore on track to have a single CCG known as NHS Norfolk and Waveney from April 2020.

This follows a wide ranging programme of engagement with key partners and the wider public, which ran from August 6th - September 6th 2019 and consisted of a public survey, direct contact with a wide range of stakeholders and partners seeking their feedback and meetings with our member GP practices.

The ultimate aim is to help improve the quality and performance of NHS services for the people of Norfolk and Waveney, maintaining local identities, building on existing local relationships and playing a leading role in the transformational work of the Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care Partnership (STP). There are many other benefits, such as making better use of our resources and reducing the amount of money we spend on administration so that we can spend more on patient care. To this end we are also creating a single management team, currently working across all five existing CCGs, to reduce duplication and improve efficiency

Engagement Outcomes

The engagement report is available to read below.  This was discussed in public by the CCG Governing Body on September 24th.  

What the CCGs will do as a result of what the engagement told us is laid out in a You Said, We Will document.  This is also available in Easy Read.