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Norfolk and Waveney STP - Adult Mental Health Service Strategy


In summer 2018, Norfolk and Waveney’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership begun a major review of local adult mental health services. The review informed the development of a long term mental health strategy for Norfolk and Waveney, ensuring services are delivered in ways that meet future needs.

People that use mental health services, carers and families, health and social staff, the voluntary sector and other key organisations involved in providing support and care to the population of Norfolk and Waveney were widely engaged to understand service user and service provider experiences and views on current service provision.

Engagement of people that use mental health services, carers, professionals and wider stakeholders

In total 42 separate events have been facilitated from August 2018 to December 2018, of which 7 targeted people that use mental health services, carers & the public, 25 targeted health & social care staff and 10 targeted community & Voluntary Groups, reaching over 2500 people in total.

The 7 public events targeting users, carers and the public can be split into 2 categories:

  • User Forums: 4 stand-alone service user forums held across Norfolk & Waveney to engage service users early on, understand their perspectives and shape materials that would go on to support the launch events and further engagement with other stakeholders
  • Public Launch Events: 3 facilitated public launch events were held in key locations, including Lowestoft, Kings Lynn and Norwich. The verbatim reports from each event are available below.

In parallel, there have been a further 4 STP-wide public events targeted at people directly affected by dementia and 2 further dementia events targeted at professionals reaching a total of 150 people. These events were run by a separate Dementia workgroup to allow a more tailored approach to user engagement for this service.

In addition to public events, ~1000 people were engaged through an online survey. 62% of respondents were service users, carers and members of the public, providing real breadth of service user input, and the remaining 38% included health and social workers and community and voluntary sector workers.

We ensured that disadvantaged groups were included throughout the review by making the survey available in Easy Read form, to allow people with learning disabilities to share their views. Additionally we engaged several advocacy forums and organisations who gave feedback on behalf of the communities and individuals they represent. The organisations involved included Opening Doors, a learning disability advocacy organisation, Bridge Plus, GYROS and ACCESS, which are advocacy and support organisations working with Black, minority ethnic (BME) and migrant communities.

Draft Mental Health Strategy - December 2018

Based on the information and discussions outlined above, the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) published a draft mental health strategy in December 2018. The December 2018 draft can be read via the Healthwatch Norfolk website: https://www.healthwatchnorfolk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Draft-No...

6 'pillars' form the basis of the strategy:

  1. Focus more on prevention and wellbeing
  2. Ensure clear routes into and through services and make these transparent to all
  3. Support the management of mental health issues in primary care settings
  4. Provide appropriate support to those in crisis
  5. Ensure effective in-patient care for those that really need it
  6. Ensure the system is focused on working in an integrated way to care for patient

In January 2019, we conducted a second wave of discussions asking for comments on the draft strategy and hundreds of individuals took the time to come back to us and give their views on what we had developed. We also had feedback on behalf of organisations.

A final draft of the strategy will be launched in March 2019. A workstream plan for each of the six pillars, coproduced with mental health service user, carer and wider stakeholder representatives, will be produced from April 2019 onwards.