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FOI Disclosure Log - 2015-16

The FOI Disclosure Log shows details of all completed requests received by NNCCG under the Freedom of information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004, since the CCG became an licenced organisation in April 2013.

The Log also includes instances where the applicant has been redirected to information held on the NNCCG website, application of exemptions and partial response in relation to information not held by the CCG.

If you would like additional information not disclosed within the log, please raise a Freedom of Information request, quoting the request ID number you are interested in.

PDF icon Car Leases - Information Provided in Full310.16 KB
PDF icon Transforming Community Services - Information Provided in Full329.02 KB
PDF icon ADHC Services - Information Provided in Full303.33 KB
PDF icon Rebate Schemes - Information Provided in Full194.91 KB
PDF icon Continuing Healthcare - Information Provided in Full247.29 KB
PDF icon Erectile Dysfunction / Prostate Cancer - Information Provided in Full291.98 KB
PDF icon A&E Recovery & Improvement Plan - Information Provided in Full1.08 MB
PDF icon Healthcare Contracts - Exemption: Section 12 with partial response226.01 KB
PDF icon Privare Care Homes / CHC - Information Provided in Full224.38 KB
PDF icon Telephony Contract - Information Provided in Full436.8 KB
PDF icon Wound Care - Information Provided in Full309.18 KB
PDF icon Formulary - Information Provided in Full707.29 KB
PDF icon £5 per head GP Allocation - Information Provided in Full199.36 KB
PDF icon Alcohol detoxification services - Information provided in full.pdf254.31 KB
PDF icon Staff training costs - Information provided in full.pdf207.79 KB
PDF icon Rebate schemes - Information pr239.8 KB
PDF icon Data on hearing aids - Information provided in full428.89 KB
PDF icon Number of patients treated - Information provided in full205.47 KB
PDF icon Primary care rebate schemes - Information provided in full198.71 KB
PDF icon 2015-16 activity & finance plan - Information provided in full257.82 KB
PDF icon Waiting times for CAMHS - Information provided in full217.58 KB
PDF icon Child & adolescent mental health - Information provided in full207.23 KB
PDF icon Fracture liaison services - Information provided in full204.64 KB
PDF icon Lymphoedema treatment - Information provided in full215.35 KB
PDF icon Magazine subscriptions for waiting rooms - Information provided in full252.54 KB
PDF icon Finance department contact details - Information provided in full240.99 KB
PDF icon Delivering care packages - Information provided in full367.76 KB
PDF icon Homeopathic medicine - Information provided in full262.57 KB
PDF icon Nurses for Neurological conditions - Information provided in full270.82 KB
PDF icon Dementia leads - Information provided in full316.99 KB
PDF icon Hearing aids - Information provided in full199.54 KB
PDF icon Infant nutrition - Information provided in full197.81 KB
PDF icon Tenders - Information provided in full384.91 KB
PDF icon GP's and the CCG - Information provided in full266.1 KB
PDF icon Organisation structure - Information provided in full198.73 KB
PDF icon GP absences - Information provided in full295.75 KB
PDF icon 5 year strategic plan - Information provided in full255.67 KB
PDF icon External software contracts - Information provided in full305.75 KB
PDF icon Funeral Directors - Information provided in full250.42 KB
PDF icon Da Vinci robot - Information provided in full340.43 KB
PDF icon GP's email addresses - Information provided in full241.81 KB
PDF icon Dry mouth products - Information provided in full198.02 KB
PDF icon Staff training - Information provided in full346.23 KB
PDF icon Personal health budgets - Information provided in full214.49 KB
PDF icon Gluten-free prescription - Information provided in full197.01 KB
PDF icon CHC rates - Information provided in full255.08 KB
PDF icon Elective funding - information provided in full203.31 KB
PDF icon Somatropin - Information provided in full202.74 KB
PDF icon Restricitons on surgery - Information provided in full227.18 KB
PDF icon Individual funding requests - Information provided in full236.82 KB
PDF icon Service restrictions - Information provided in full251.21 KB
PDF icon Complex care packages - Information provided in full276.31 KB
PDF icon Mobile phone contract - Information provided in full243.27 KB
PDF icon Remuneration - Information provided in full293.71 KB
PDF icon Therapeutics advisory group - Information provided in full315.92 KB
PDF icon Marginal rate credit - Information provided in full212.16 KB
PDF icon Telehealth - Information provided in full205.86 KB
PDF icon Dementia care - Information provided in full219.05 KB
PDF icon Governing Body conflicts of interest - Information provided in full242.74 KB
PDF icon Erectile dysfunction - Information provided in full198.3 KB
PDF icon Diabetes pens - Information provided in full196.2 KB
PDF icon Innovation health and wealth - Information provided in full392.95 KB
PDF icon Biologics - Information provided in full318.2 KB
PDF icon Parity of esteem - Information provided in full246.92 KB
PDF icon Mental health strategy - Information provided in full196.67 KB
PDF icon Varicose veins - Information provided in full272.8 KB
PDF icon Acupuncture - Information provided in full319.66 KB
PDF icon Integrated care strategy - Information provided in full310.85 KB
PDF icon Secondary care doctors - Information provided in full258.72 KB
PDF icon Chief operating officer - Information provided in full415.31 KB
PDF icon CQPS and Engagement lead - Information provided in full290.9 KB
PDF icon Drug and alcohol tier service - Information provided in full237.57 KB
PDF icon External recruitment agencies - Information provided in full321.96 KB
PDF icon Punctate inner Choroidopathy - Informaition provided in full314.03 KB
PDF icon Taxation advisor - Information provided in full284.54 KB
PDF icon Warfarin services - Information provided in full230.04 KB
PDF icon Prescribing and medicine management - Information provided in full403.26 KB
PDF icon Rheumatology - Information provided in full294.32 KB
PDF icon Sexual Assault Referral Centres - Information provided in full194.52 KB
PDF icon NSFT safety indicator set - Information provided in full289.26 KB
PDF icon Blood Glucose Meters - Information provided in full252.18 KB
PDF icon Information governing breaches - Information provided in full342.2 KB
PDF icon Telephone system maintenance - Information provided in full228.9 KB
PDF icon Tenders - Information provided in full491.29 KB
PDF icon Paediatric Continence - Information provided in full369.04 KB
PDF icon CCG Commissioning - Information provided in full332.66 KB
PDF icon Cancer Diagnostics - Information provided in full234.16 KB
PDF icon Cancer Diagnostics continued - Information provided in full345.44 KB
PDF icon Confederation of British Industry - Information provided in full230 KB
PDF icon ADHD services - Information provided in full251.71 KB
PDF icon Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Information provided in full345.65 KB
PDF icon PTSD veterans - Information provided in full247.7 KB
PDF icon ECG equipment - Information provided in full221.27 KB
PDF icon IVF treatment - Information provided in full290.73 KB
PDF icon Lynch Syndrome - Information provided in full285.31 KB
PDF icon Senior Information Risk Owner - Information provided in full281.69 KB
PDF icon NNCCG 2013/14 - Information provided in full364.83 KB
PDF icon Commissioning policies - Information provided in full288.88 KB
PDF icon Orthopaedic Triage - Information provided in full431.42 KB
PDF icon Erectile Dysfunction continued - Information provided in full270.75 KB
PDF icon MH strategy - Information provided in full240.65 KB
PDF icon Mental Health lead - Information provided in full240.28 KB
PDF icon Care pathways - Information provided in full246.09 KB
PDF icon ICT strategy - Information provided in full243.2 KB
PDF icon Clinical leads - Information provided in full370.14 KB
PDF icon IAPT services - Information provided in full342.11 KB
PDF icon Commissioning support service - Information provided in full368.56 KB
PDF icon Childrens hearing services - Information provided in full242.18 KB
PDF icon Learning disabilities - Information provided in full366.3 KB
PDF icon Network and Telephony - Information provided in full268.71 KB
PDF icon Rebate agreements - Information provided in full233.14 KB
PDF icon NHS funded service - Information provided in full292.68 KB
PDF icon Bariatric surgery - Information provided in full308.26 KB
PDF icon Childrens audiology services - Information provided in full318.96 KB
PDF icon Better care fund - Information provided in full300.66 KB
PDF icon Commissioning Support Units - Information provided in full252.02 KB
PDF icon Mens health clinical leads - Information provided in full305.37 KB
PDF icon Halal Vitamin D formulary - Information provided in full278.2 KB
PDF icon Referral waiting times - Information provided in full251.9 KB
PDF icon Products on rebate - Information provided in full247.2 KB
PDF icon Barrett's Oesophagus - Information provided in full264.28 KB
PDF icon Cataracts surgery - Information provided in full255.96 KB
PDF icon Dysphagia services - Information provided in full291.58 KB
PDF icon Cholesterol - Information provided in full201.09 KB
PDF icon CCG roles - Information provided in full291.52 KB
PDF icon Tender challenges - Information provided in full360.51 KB
PDF icon Contract monitoring - Information provided in full352.19 KB
PDF icon District nurses - Information provided in full344.76 KB
PDF icon Cancer referrals - Information provided in full360.21 KB
PDF icon Strategic plan - Information provided in full280.73 KB
PDF icon NHS contracts - Information provided in full369.38 KB
PDF icon CHC & MH - Information provided in full233.03 KB
PDF icon Re-procurement - Information provided in full336.34 KB
PDF icon Hearing assessment contracts - Information provided in full262.79 KB
PDF icon Auditors costs - Information provided in full232.2 KB
PDF icon Directory of suppliers - Information provided in full309.71 KB
PDF icon Adult hearing services - Information provided in full396.81 KB
PDF icon Spinal Cord Stimulation - Information provided in full230.37 KB
PDF icon GP federations - Information provided in full253.46 KB
PDF icon NCH&C integrated care contract - Information provided in full229.68 KB
PDF icon Rheumatoid Arthritis - Information provided in full407.38 KB
PDF icon Community service tendering provision - Information provided in full350.83 KB
PDF icon United Health - Information provided in full249.33 KB
PDF icon Individual Placement Panel - Information provided in full360.36 KB
PDF icon Wheelchairs for Motor Neurone Disease - Information provided in full294.48 KB
PDF icon Caldicott Guardian and SIRO - Information provided in full234.51 KB
PDF icon Better Care Fund - Information provided in full232.76 KB