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Your Information - What You Need to Know


Fair Processing Notice / Privacy Notice – 04.07.2018


NHS North Norfolk CCG is a local membership organisation led by family doctors that is responsible for planning and paying for healthcare services. We do not provide healthcare in the same way as a GP Practice or hospital. Our role is to make sure the appropriate NHS care is in place for the people of North Norfolk, within the budget we have. The CCG is responsible for buying (also known as ‘commissioning’) health services from healthcare providers and suppliers who offer non-standard services for the people of North Norfolk, as well as directly providing some health services such as Personal Health Budgets and Individual Funding Requests.

All GP practices in North Norfolk are members of the CCG and our role is to make sure that appropriate care is in place for the people of North Norfolk today and in the future.

As an NHS organisation, the CCG operates at a number of different levels in regards to processing of personal data.

For commissioning purposes and to help us to model and plan services to best meet your future needs, the CCG has to understand the health, social and general wellbeing issues that our population is facing today. The only way that we can achieve this is by using information that your GP, your clinician or your social worker enter into your care record as well as some information that is provided via external public sources. This information may exist on paper or in electronic format and the CCG ensures that these are kept safe and secure in an appropriate way.

NHS North Norfolk CCG is constantly looking at new ways in which to support its local health community this can involve using alternative care providers such as volunteers and charitable organisations. Only those who are directly involved in supporting your care will be able to access your identifiable information. The CCG ensures that any agencies or support organisations used in this way have a contract to allow them to carry out this work and ensuring they fully understand and maintain the confidentiality of your information at all times.

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