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Working together for excellent healthcare in North Norfolk and rural Broadland

North Norfolk CCG is an organisation made up of its 19 member practices. It is accountable to NHS England, to the 19 individual member practices and to the local community of North Norfolk.

The practices who make up the CCG have nominated GP and practice management representatives to sit on a Council of Members. This body has elected some of its members to sit on The Governing Bodyand The Executive Team. These structures get support from a small team of employed and aligned staff who will be directly employed by the CCG as of April 2013.

Council of Members

The Council of Members is made up of a GP representative from each of the 19 member practices. Members have voting rights and make the important decisions about local healthcare. The Council of Members is also attended by Practice Managers from each of the 19 member practices who do not vote but who bring management expertise to the discussion. The meeting is held monthly and it is chaired by the CCG Chair Dr Anoop Dhesi. The Council of Members is an opportunity for the doctors to discuss local healthcare issues from a clinical perspective and so these meetings are not held in public.