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Working together for excellent healthcare in North Norfolk and rural Broadland


Community Engagement Panel (CEP)

The Community Engagement Panel meets bi-monthly and comprises representatives invited from key strategic groups to act as a bridge between the community of rural Broadland and north Norfolk, and the CCG.  These include:

  • Patient Participation groups (PPGs) based around General Practices;
  • Older People’s Forums;
  • Disability Groups e.g. Equal Lives, Opening Doors;
  • Advocacy Groups e.g. Age UK, Carers Council; MIND;
  • Youth Advisory Board/Young Commissioners;
  • Healthwatch;
  • Voluntary Sector;
  • BME & Diversity groups
  • Housing Associations
  • District Councils; and
  • Elected members

The Panel is chaired by the CCG’s Governing Body Lay Member with a lead role on clinical quality and patient safety, and patient and public participation matters. The Panel will be attended by representatives from the CCG as appropriate, including managers, and Executive Group Clinicians and Practice Managers.

The main aims of the panel are:

  1. to ensure that the consultation and engagement undertaken by NHS North Norfolk CCG is suitable, proportionate and inclusive;
  2. to provide ideas and feedback into the financial recovery plan and QIPP programme; and
  3. to actively involve the groups that members represent in any engagement or consultation activity.

More information about the aims of the CEP are available in the Terms of Reference.  A round up of recent CEP activity can be seen in the Newsletters below.

Meeting dates for the formal panel (at 10am - 12.30pm at the ACT Centre in Aylsham):


  • Wednesday 17 January
  • Wednesday 21 March
  • Wednesday 16 May
  • Wednesday 18 July
  • Wednesday 19 September
  • Wednesday 21 November


  • Wednesday 16 January
  • Wednesday 20 March


In the months between the formal panels special more-focused meetings are sometimes held to enable a smaller group of interested panel members to come together to look at an issue in more depth.

If you are interested in joining the panel please use our contact form letting us know which group or organisation you would be representing.